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The ONLY Facility in Syracuse that offers Personal Group Fitness!
Personal Group Fitness - Why We Created It..
We Give More - So You Get More..
We created our Personal Group Fitness Program to give our clients more attention in a motivating, positive environment. In most gyms/bootcamps you are thrown into a workout without any consideration towards your goals or injuries. We take the time to learn about your body and create a program just for YOU. No cookie-cutter programs here!
You Get The Best Of Both Worlds..
Our program offers the social support of group training and the personalization you need in order to be successful. Our Coaches walk you through each movement ensuring your safety and success.
Our Services
No matter what the service, you deal with Professionals.

We pride our facility on not having "personal trainers" but Coaches. We don't do this part-time, this is our passion and giving you a professional experience is what we do.  We keep you safe, give you the support you need and help guide you to the best version of YOU!
Personal Group Fitness

We created this program and it is responsible for creating serious results. Most exercise programs focus on making the workouts "hard", we focus on using scientifically proven methods and create individual programs that work!

Elite is the only facility that can provide this service because we are not "personal trainers" we are COACHES! Only an experienced professional knows how to do what we do. We give you more attention, make exercise fun and help you achieve what you are looking for!

Athletic Performance

Our Athletic Performance Program is a Strength and Conditioning Program has trained athletes from 12 yrs old to athletes in MLB. We use the same methods that College/Professional teams use to train their athletes. With our extensive background in getting athletes stronger, faster and stay injury free your son/daughter will be high performers in their sport.

Don't fall for the gimmicks out there, there is no such thing as Sport Specific training. We train our athletes to increase overall body strength and give them the confidence to run in any direction effectively and efficiently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
I have an old injury/scared of getting hurt. Will your program work for me?
Yes! Actually, most of our clients have some sort of previous injury that we work around. This is another reason why we created our program, each client has a exercise program created for their specific needs! No one else offers this
How many days can I come and exercise?
Every membership we offer gives you Unlimited Access! You can come up to 6 days a week. We recommend coming 3-4 times a week.
How long are your classes?
Monday,Wednesday and Friday (Strength Classes) are 50-60 minutes in duration. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday (Conditioning Classes) are 30-40 minutes in duration.
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